Amethyst Stalactite Flower Necklace w/ Blue Topaz

Amethyst Stalactite Flower Necklace w/ Blue Topaz

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Amethyst Stalactite Flower Necklace w/ Blue Topaz .925.

The amethyst stalactites get their name from similar limestone deposits seen in cave formations. Stalactites occur when calcium carbonate-laden water drips from cave roofs. Layers of calcite are deposited in rings as the dripping continues, and they eventually settle on top of each other to form the stalactite.

The amethyst "stalactite" is a tube agate that occurs in the heart of an agate/amethyst vug within a hydrothermal igneous formation, not a limestone or a cave formation. The color and density of the core rings alter in proportion to the chemical composition of the ground water that fills the hole. The amethyst crystals grow on the exterior surface after the agate center has formed.

Topaz is an aluminum fluorine silicate mineral that occurs in tiny (well formed) vertical hexagonal crystals as well as small prismatic shards. Blue Topaz is an uncommon variant of Topaz. The hue is created by unstable light that is absorbed directly by the iron atom inclusions. The state mineral of Texas, where modest amounts have been discovered, is blue topaz. Brazil and Zimbabwe are the two most commercialized countries.

  • Materials: Amethyst, Topaz .925
  • Color: Muticolored, Purple, Silver, Blue
  • Approx. Dimensions: Pendant: 1" diameter, Chain: 20"
  • Approx. Weight: 40 grams

By: Kate Wells

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