Obvara Bowl/Vase "Eyes"
Obvara Bowl/Vase "Eyes"

Obvara Bowl/Vase "Eyes"

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Sometimes referred to as "Baltic Raku" Obvara pottery is believed to have originated around the 12th century in Eastern Europe. Obvara pottery is created on the pottery wheel and fired twice. During the second firing, the piece is removed from the kiln using tongs, and immediately plunged into the Obvara solution (a fermented mixture of flour, yeast, sugar, and water) where it scalds to the surface of the pot. The pottery is then quickly submerged in a water bath to stop the process. The result is a unpredictable beautiful pattern of swirls and "eyes" left on the surface of the pottery, making it less impervious to moisture.

In ancient times, Obvara pottery was said to hold secrets of health and longevity. The pattern of "eyes" were believed to belong to good spirits that watched over and protected the food from spoilage caused by evil spirits. . Although, at the time, the pieces were used for food consumption, they are not considered food safe by todays standards and should be used only for decorative purposes. 

Approximate Dimensions: H 5.75" x W 6"

By: Tom and Linette Mercer

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