Beagle Yoga Wood-Carved Sculpture

Beagle Yoga Wood-Carved Sculpture

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This fair-trade piece comes from Nengah Sudarsana of Bali, he handcrafts a statuette that is sure to delight dog lovers and yoga enthusiasts. Hand carved from suar wood and stained brown, a beagle dog peacefully sits with front paws joined together in meditation, almost achieving the yoga lotus pose. This peaceful dog will bring a smile to your heart.

This dog has a serene expression on its sweet canine face. The artisan carves the statuette by hand from native suar wood.

- Fair-trade
- 6.25" H x 5" W x 3" D
- Suar wood
- Wood grain and color can vary slightly

Original Artisan Story

From an early age I loved natural things – plants, animals, birds or sea life. I have a special appreciation for the often neglected dogs that populate all Balinese villages and, when I see the way Western people treat their animals, I hope that someday Indonesians will appreciate their animals as much!

When I was still quite young, I knew I had an ability to translate nature into artful things of beauty. Because my life has always centered on animals and other natural themes, I use these as my subjects, usually interpreted in tropical woods. Now I have the opportunity to create art subjects incorporating not only Indonesian wildlife but also creatures from all corners of the earth.

Although I have no formal art training and work purely from my own inspiration and intuition, I know what looks good and what doesn't look right in a carving. I particularly want to create wildlife and other animal themes in an exact, realistic and original way. Each piece is carefully created with this realism in mind. I will not allow anything out of my hands that I wouldn't want to own and display in my own house. It's my highest desire that every design go to a home and give great joy for as long as the owner has it.

By: Nengah Sudarsana